HNC Products is centrally located in Illinois, just three hours south of Chicago and two hours north of St. Louis. HNC Products has four different facilities in three towns. Two of the locations (HNC Plant and HNC Warehouse) are only minutes apart. HNC Products Corporate Headquarters and CSP Packaging, Inc. are located only thirty minutes away. For a map of each of the locations, click the links below.

HNC Products- Corp. Headquarters         HNC Products- Warehouse                                             1619 Commerce Parkway                                     9500 Thorps Rd.                              Bloomington, IL 61704                                          Wapella, IL 61777

HNC Products-Production Plant               CSP Packaging Inc.- Small Volume Filling Facility          8631 Sunset Rd.                                                     2 Lafayette Ct.                                        Clinton, IL 61727                                                   Bloomington, IL 61701